Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Please read carefully before using the site

  • Q. What is URUpload

    URUpload is the leading cloud storage network to bring you the fastest downloads and uploads of your files. Our users experience the best there is when it comes to file hosting, retrieving and sharing your files has never been so easy. Sign Up today to get free storage!

  • Q. How do I download files from URUpload?

    In order to download files from URUpload you must directly access your desired file(s) via the unique sharing URL's that were provided to the uploader of the files.

  • Q. Help! I've forgotten my username / password.

    Don't despair, if you have forgotten your login details we can send you a reminder of your forgotten details to your registered email address. To regain access to your account simply follow the instructions on the Forget page.

  • Q. Whats the difference between a regular account and a premium account?

    By becoming a premium URUpload user you can take advantage of our vast premium features such as unlimited download speed, parallel downloads and unlimited personal storage. Please refer to our Premium Page to learn more about all the features and benefits on offer.

  • Q. How can I change my password?

    You can easily change your password simply by logging into your account and heading to the 'My Account' tab. In this menu you can change your account password.

  • Q. How do I upload via FTP?

    To upload via FTP all you need to do is follow the instructions detailed in your FTP client. Please note that you can only upload and create folders when using an FTP client. You will not be able to download, rename or move your files via this method.

  • Q. My account has been suspended / banned what have I done wrong?

    Please note that ownership of multiple accounts, spamming or other acts of misconduct are not permitted on our website. At URUpload we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or ban your account for investigation purposes if we have reason to believe you have breached our Terms & Conditions. Please be aware that your account will be closed indefinitely if we have found any evidence of violation.

  • Q. Do you offer SSL?

    Yes. URUpload uses 128 bit encryption of data transfer for each user at the login. However, if you wish to use SSL throughout URUpload website please go to:

  • Q. How do I cancel a subscription?

    We exclusively offer one-time payment. Any further steps in order to cancel an upgrade are not required


  • Q. Can you tell me how to enable cookies & JavaScript in Firefox?

    Enabling JavaScript:

    Tools > Options > Content, check 'Enable JavaScript' > click 'OK'

    Enabling cookies:

    Tools > Options > Privacy, check 'Accept cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies' > click 'OK'

  • Q. My internet connection is fast but why am I getting slow speeds when downloading?

    Please note that free users will be subject to slower speeds than given to Premium members. If you would like to download faster and enjoy tons of other benefits, you will need to upgrade to one of our Premium plans. Please refer to the Premium Page to learn more.

  • Q. I don't have the file URL, am I able to search the site for the file instead?

    Unfortunately, for privacy reasons you will only be able to download files that you have the link for. However, if this file is your own, you can obtain the URL by logging in to your account and viewing your file history.

  • Q. I clicked the send Verification Email button but I can't find the email in my inbox ?

    On occasion there are slight delays with emails being sent. Please wait for 5-7 minutes then check again. During this time, we would also advise you to check your Junk or Spam folders to see if your email provider has flagged the mail as such. If you still cant find the email, please click the button once again to request a second email.

  • Q. Are my stored files safe on URUpload?
    Files uploaded to URUpload are not publicly accessible and can only be downloaded if you choose to share the file URL with others. On URUpload you also have the ability to make all of your files private at any time or password protect your files to give you with an extra layer of security.
  • Q. I am unable to download anymore files, is there something wrong?
    This is a common error that usually occurs when a free account / shared IP has reached it's download limit or is attempting to download more than one file at a time.
  • Q. My download has completed but the file wont open. Can you offer any assistance?
    Sadly, we have no control over these errors. If you're experiencing problems when attempting to open your downloaded file, please contact the person who gave you the link.